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Automate your print servers with ease!

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Code Example:

using gtac.PowerPrint;
using gtac.PowerPrint.Models;

    var printer = new PrinterInputModel
        Server = "server01",
        Name = "printer01",
        Port = "IP_10.120.12.54",
        DriverName = "Lexmark Universal",
        IsBidi = true
catch (Exception ex)
    _logger.Log("Exception: " + ex.Message);

Automate your Windows print server Environment

PowerPrint is an easy to use .NET Printing Library for managed access to winspool.drv functions to manage your print servers.

  • Are you tired of ...
  • ... using PowerShell
  • ... using WMI
  • ... using Windows VB Scripts
  • ... using native C Functions of winspool.drv
  • ... to automate your print server tasks?

We are tired of all this and we are not happy with the lack of features offered by these tools and scripts.

For this reason, we proudly present PowerPrint to enable you to talk to your print servers using managed code rather than the above.

The Key Features of PowerPrint

Manage Your Printers and Jobs
List – Status – Add – Edit – Delete

Manage Your Printer Settings
using Profiles

Manage Your Printer Drivers
List – Install – Uninstall

Manage Your Printer Ports
List – Add – Edit – Delete

With this library you...

Do you remember the good old Windows 2003 times and having the prnadmin.dll of the Windows 2003 Resource Kit?
We used this library intensively to manage the configuration of all printers. We developed nice .NET code to get all settings of a showcase printer and assign these settings to other printers using so-called profiles.

But starting with Windows Server 2008 this fantastic library was no longer provided by Microsoft. Instead they offered Print Management Cmdlets for Windows PowerShell and printer commands built using VB Scripts.

And guess what – no way to get or set printer data any longer.

What should we do with our printer management software? Quit all work? No!

We have started developing all features known from prnadmin.dll in an own .NET library using P/Invoke to call unmanaged C functions of winspool.drv in managed code. After this long time we now have a stable and mature .NET library to manage printers, ports and drivers – exactly as we needed.

It is time now to offer this libray to all .NET developers so you get help in developing your own printer management software.

Automate your print servers with ease!

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Free 30-day trial